Japan 12 - Mobile Suit Gundam – ramen trousers

Daniela is asleep and this is the latest I have stayed up since I go there. Still go big ear problems but whining isn’t going to help it so I will jut try and ride it out. We went to a drugstore and did some translation to get some meds – not sure if they will work but we will see (ones i brought were expired). I geeked out tonight and picked up a couple of Japanese only released PSVita games – both with Gundam in the title. (giant Japanese robots fighting shit). They are stellar and forced some trial plays to Daniela’s chagrin while she was quietly reading.

We hit a seedy ramen place for dinner and we strolled a few streets in Kyoto – it is very different here than Tokyo – we are surprised at how different it its. I seems more artsy and bohemian in a conservatively Japanese sort of way. Lots of street singers performing what seems to be long sad ballads in Japanese. Daniela was taken by one and did a few video clips. there are big wide shallow rivers here and I look forward to hanging out by one tomorrow and maybe getting to sketch a little – lots and lots to see it seems and loads of places to shop. It doesn’t seem as congested here – more open so far and airy.


At the ramen place (long red counter with stools) our waiter managed to catapult a half consumed bowl into the air right beside Daniela just after her food arrived. He was horrified by his actions and panicked to try and clean the greasy broth off of her clothes. She took it well seeing as how we had had such a long day today. Our hotel is functional but much less opulent than our last diggs, but its comfortable modern and clean. The only drag is it is two single beds so it’s like we are living in a 1950’s sitcom of my three sons or Green Acres or something.

I could type all night, but I better get some sleep – Daniela will be up in no time and raring to go explore. I also need to rest in hopes this cauliflower ear will release it’s toxic gas in the night at some point. Lets just hope the Pharmacist here had good judgement.