Picture book projects

The main focus for me currently is on my picture book development. The challenge of connecting a solid compelling narrative with a fully realized illustrative style that has expression, excitement, originality, and potential marketability is a big challenge for me. It is a daunting task to undertake, and stay committed. My struggle with it as always, is follow-through. There are no shortage of ideas and tangents. Rabbit-holes pop during every work session.


robot robot 691

A small boy that builds a larger than life robot, climbs inside, and takes if for a spin around his room. Maybe even outside?



A book about vampires and what they like to do with themselves on those dark nights when we are asleep. Mostly watercolour and ink sketches with minimal text on each page. Not gory. Not scary. Not ugly. Just interesting.


Mr. Grinn

Bored and lonely at night, looking for anything but sleep, Jeffery meets Mr. Grinn and must determine if this is a welcome guest that needs to stay or go.


I wanna B

A book about the A,B,C,s but one that utilized different career paths one might take that correspond to the featured letter of the page. For those not fully sure of their A,B,C,s and/or what they want to do with their lives. Digital/Traditional mix.


the boy in the hole

Alex is lonely and is tired of hearing his parents argue all the time. He finds a small boy trapped deep in a hole in his wall, among other places

Fractured Fairy Tales

This one is still fractured. I am awaiting the spin of all spins on a Fairy to arrive as an ethereal vision in the long dark night. That night is currently occupied by vampires.